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Contentment TB

Contentment TB

Primarily the store deals with Christian theological books, but branches out into different areas here and there.

Biblical & Theological books & journals at hopefully reasonable prices.

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Alibris UK seller since March 2019

To Repair or Not to Repair: Philosophizing Now:

Posted 01 November 2020

What to do when you come across a book that needs repair?  Do you leave it like it was found or do you repair it?  Most books seldom go through life in pristine condition. They become wounded in various ways in their journey, similar....

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For What it's Worth.

Posted by Contentment TB on 01 November 2020

THIS IS HOW i PRICE MY BOOKS: These are some of the things I consider when I price the books I list for sale.  The first three main important things are:  1) The condition of the book; 2) The content of the book, and; 3) The cost I paid for the book.  The next three things I consider are:  1) Similar Books (Are there mass quantities of the book or limited Quantities of the book or is the book unique?); 2) Size (Is the book x-small, small, normal, large, x-large, or xx-large?), and; 3) Authorship (Is the author well-known, known or unknown?).  THIS HAS BEEN A 'FOR WHAT IT'S WORTH' COMMERCIAL.