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Crowded Nest

Crowded Nest

^Independent Seller^ offering 1,000+ titles on a wide spectrum of topics: Baseball; Philosophy; Literary criticism; Fiction, movies and music selections ranging in price from 99 cents and up.

After handling books nearly daily for decades in either bookstores or libraries across academic, public, and private sectors, becoming an online seller was a logical next step. Hopefully you will find some item/s of interest to you within my eclectic offerings. Note: Covers of my copies of certain books may not match stock photographs on file here. ***Thanks for returning to browse.***

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Alibris UK seller since May 2020

Play Ball ! Reading Line-up for grown-ups

Posted 31 March 2021

Batting orders (& prices) vary according to your roster (reading tastes & budget). Here are a few suggestions for starters selected in no particular order from the 99 or so books I currently have available. This first list is all Non-Fiction....

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Thinking Spring (Training) as a baseball fan

Posted by Crowded Nest on 25 January 2021

Organized Baseball has a history populated with colorful characters.

This week I am listing dozens of biographies featuring individual players or managers (some famous, some obscure) that contributed to baseball lore in their own way.