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As with most movies like this, the soundtrack is much better. But is it actually a good album? Well, it's as good as any soundtrack can be and the fact that it has a gothic/industrial theme does lend to its consistency. Highlights include the ultra gothy Miranda Sex Garden with "Peep Show" and "Cut," the industrial death metal of Fear Factory and Godflesh on "Scumgrief" (its actually a remix by Front Line Assembly) and "Nihil." Other highlights Include "Surface Patterns" by Front line assembly and Trevor Jones' original ...

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  1. Go to Hell
  2. She Believes in Me
  3. Peep Show
  4. All Good Girls
  5. Lung
  6. Scumgrief
  7. Surface Patterns
  8. Reverberation Nation
  9. Nihil
  10. Cut
  11. Main Titles "Nunc Dimitus"
  12. Into the Light
  13. Beyond the Shadow of Death
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