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Chip Davis didn't have to look far for inspiration on Fresh Aire 7, using the occasion to indulge a long-standing interest in the number seven. The result is rather strict program music: the seven chakras are aligned to seven unique works, the seven colors (or "colours" if you live in the U.K. or Nebraska) of the rainbow are transcribed into seven separate notes/instruments, a seven-part rondo is recorded between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. on a single day, etc. Of course, this sort of mystic numerology is a natural fit for new age, ...

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  1. Conjuring the Number 7
  2. Sunday the 7th Day
  3. The 7 Colours of the Rainbow
  4. The 7 C's
  5. The 7 Metals of Alchemy
  6. Chakra 1
  7. Chakra 2
  8. Chakra 3
  9. Chakra 4
  10. Chakra 5
  11. Chakra 6
  12. Chakra 7
  13. The 7 Stars of the Big Dipper
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