2010: The Year We Make Contact [Blu-ray] ()

directed by Peter Hyams
featuring Roy Scheider, John Lithgow, Helen Mirren, Bob Balaban, Keir Dullea

Show Synopsis

This belated sequel to Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) is directed by Peter Hyams. Roy Scheider plays the astronaut/skipper of a U.S.-Soviet space mission, sent to find out what happened to the missing Discovery flight that carried Keir Dullea into the beyond in the original 2001. Scheider's polyglot crew includes Americans John Lithgow and Bob Balaban (the latter a computer whiz, responsible for the notorious HAL 9000) and Russians Helen Mirren, Elya Baskin and Natasha Schneider. The reason for this ...


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Mar 29, 2010

This Is The Year!

When you see this entry in the catalogue, it reads: 2010 (1984). Could any connections to dating our civilization be more prophetic? 1984 came and went without incident. 2001, the first installment of this series, came and went without incident. We now live in 2010 and reality does not appear as if it will catch up this time either.

TITLE: 2010
GENRE: SciFi near term solar system exploration
CAST: Roy scheider, John Lithgow, Bob Balaban, Helen Mirren and Keir Dullea
REVIEW: This is a very well imagined, scripted, planned, casted ans executed follow-up to the stellar 2001. It seems the aliens of the Monolith weren't quite through with us after our first encounter, where they just announced their existence. This time they have a message.
The DVD has a bonus features of a behind the scenes look of how the filming was achieved. Of special note is that Kubrick had all the hardware of 2001 destroyed so they couldn't show up in cheap future SciFi flicks. So, what we see here is a stunningly successful recreation of the models and hardware of the earlier episode. There is also interview footage with Arthur C. Clarke, the author.

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