Lost: The Series Pilot Episode, Pt. I & Pt. II [UMD] ()

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A passenger jet breaks apart in mid-air, crash-landing on a tropical island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. Left without the creature comforts and basic necessities of civilization, the 48 survivors are forced to rely upon one another to stay alive -- and given the personality quirks of these survivors, this won't be easy during the first season of the ABC hit series Lost. Generally with the help of flashbacks, viewers learn a number of deep dark secrets about the castaways on a need-to-know basis, especially the demons ...

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Jan 23, 2010


This box set includes two flashbacks that were not aired on TV. One is Sayid buying a tie in the airport. The other is Claire talking to the pilot before the flight. He tells her that his mother dated a man named Bernard.

The "Making of the Pilot" section is really interesting. I love behind-the-scenes type of stuff. They talk about how they were short on time, so they bought a real plane and cut it into sections.

My favorite part was the audio commentary. Some of the episodes have the option of audio commentary, where you can listen to what some of the writers and producers say about the show. They are so excited about how the show turned out and they really love the actors and think they did a good job. It's really interesting to get their perspectives.

I also enjoyed seeing the stars' audition tapes. Some of them really look different and most of them are performing scenes that I know well.


Aug 6, 2009


good to see it from the start again, compeling and fresh story line

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