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Brian Dennehy plays a Wambaugh-type cop who has flourished as a novelist. At the moment, however, Dennehy is suffering from a profound case of writer's block. Coming to the rescue, as it were, is professional hit man James Woods. Recently dumped by his boss, above-suspicion business executive Paul Shenar, Woods is anxious to tell his life story to Dennehy, in hopes of striking it rich with a tell-all bestseller. Shenar, however, takes a dim view of Woods' indiscretions, and for a while it looks as though it's curtains for ...


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Mark D

Jun 17, 2018



It's a movie about a retired company big shot hit man who wants an honest & now retired cop/detective to write a book about the hit man's career & put him in a good light played by actor James Woods as a cold, calculating & manipulative no hold barred killer who couldn't care less whether his victims deserved this fate or not. When Woods comes face to face with his Ex- employer boss man this time for Woods his ex-boss has put a price on James Woods head and he finds out now that the tables have turned on him.
So, he goes to his ex-bosses mansion, and begins to pick the hired assassins off one by one. Then one of the hired guns takes the detectives daughter for an insurance policy and uses her as a shield. Will the re tired hit man take him out or will he shoot through the bad guy and kill the innocent victim in the process???
A real end of the seat Thriller to be sure of and plenty of Suspense to boot!

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