Firehouse Dog [WS] ()

directed by Todd Holland
featuring Josh Hutcherson, Bruce Greenwood, Dash Mihok, Steven Culp, Bill Nunn

Show Synopsis

Hollywood's hottest canine commodity has gotten hopelessly lost after wandering away from his master, and now the former movie star has become the beacon of hope for a small-town firehouse on the verge of collapse. Rex is the dog that every child in America has fallen in love with. A pompous A-list barker whose list of perks overshadows that of even the most esteemed Hollywood actor, Rex 's fate takes an unexpected turn when a skydiving stunt goes awry and his handlers assume that their cash-canine has perished as a result. ...

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Sue B

Jan 23, 2014


My son LOVES this movie, and my husband and I searched EVERYWHERE for it, to no avail. When I found it on Alibris, I was over the moon. This is an EXCELLENT family movie and is just tons of fun!

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