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The two words I am are the name of God. As Dr. Wayner W. Dyer explains, 'I discovered while reading James Twyman's book The Moses Code that the sounds you will be hearing in this CD were the result of some intense research to reproduce the exact sounds associated with the name of God found in the Old Testament, translated from the original Hebrew as I am that I am. 'It turns out that specific numbers can be assigned to letters. And the tuning-fork sounds you'll be meditating to are the exact sounds ascribed to the letters ...

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Donna S

Jan 7, 2013

A MUST to have for your meditation

This meditation is a MUST to have especially after reading Wishes Fulfilled. The energy, peace, and joy I feel after listening to the meditation is priceless. I especially enjoy listening to track 2 as I do meditation prior to sleeping. In fact I have it playing all night. I highly recommend it!

Sharon P

Sep 13, 2012

A calming influence

I ordered the meditation tape along with the Wishes Fulfilled CDs. It was a great combination. I found it restfull to meditate to this tape before going to bed.

Marilyn C

Aug 3, 2012

Meditation CD

This CD is short and sweet -in the 1st track, Dr. Dyer explains how the sounds translated from "I Am That I Am" will soothe you. The next 2 tracks are each 20 minutes long. It sounds like mermaids singing in the ocean - so beautiful! Definately my favorite way of getting me to relax during my cancer treatment.

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