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The Legend of Drizzt: "The Silent Blade" WITH "The Spine of the World" AND "Sea of Swords" Set 4 - Salvatore, R. A.
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Give the gift of Drizzt! Drizzt delivers the hated crystal shard to the scholar-priest Cadderly who Drizzt hopes will finally be able to destroy it-but instead it winds up in the hands of Jarlaxle, the last person who should ever possess so powerful an artifact. Then Wulfgar, mentally shattered by years of torture in the hellish Abyss, falls low in the streets of Calimport-so low the great warhammer Aegis-fang is stolen from him. And in the final novel, the companions are reunited in a quest for Aegis-fang, and peace for ...

The Legend of Drizzt Boxed Set, Books XI-XIII

The Legend of Drizzt: "The Silent Blade" WITH "The Spine of the World" AND "Sea of Swords" Set 4


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ISBN 0786952326
ISBN-13 9780786952328
Publisher Wizards of the Coast
Published 2009
Alibris ID 14119487335
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Fine. 0786952326 Brand New US editions! Not restocks or overstocks! No Slipcase. 3PB32 We're not a giant, faceless warehouse organization! We're a small town bookstore that loves books and loves it's customers! Buy from us and you get great service as well as a great price! Your business is valued and your satisfaction is guaranteed! |1.58333333333333.