The Teeth of the Tiger


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The old rules no longer apply - anybody with a spare AK47 or a knowledge of kitchen chemistry can become a player. In a nondescript office building in suburban Maryland, "The Campus", set up with the knowledge of President Jack Patrick Ryan identifies and locates terrorist threats - then deals with them, in whatever manner necessary. It's an organisation always on the lookout for new recruits - men like Jack Ryan Jr., the President's son.

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Oct 18, 2009

The toothless tiger

I'm a Clancy fan for many years, yet when I picked up the teeth of the tiger it failed to impress. To start off Clancy if you ask me was trying way to hard to do something different, in trying to make a simple read and he didn't make it. To start out with the concept of the book isn't a bad plot but its the main characters and the BAD dialog that puts this book down for the count. The characters are so just not Clancy, they are all new and the same in that every one is rich and good looking and Jack Jr. knows how to find the bad guys better than any one else on his first day on the job. But where is book really lets down is the dialog, you think Clancy you think of technology and politics and mature writing. Well this didn't work out as well, between the brothers talking like kids instead of adults i mean bet your bippie? So the one real shot Clancy took at writing a normal book failed in my respect because of lack of detail and mature writing, if you've ever read Clancy you know what i mean.


Oct 9, 2009

Half a book full price

The lady and the tiger. Perhaps the waiter that took your meal half finished without asking if you were done, and then stacked another plate on it. Remember that baseball game that switched to a commercial just before the winning home run was hit. This book reads like a ghost writer didn't get his last payment or was working on a very small retainer when T C stopped payment on his checks. Lacked the usual polish.
Did T C have a stroke, or NPHC like Robert Heinlein. RJL


Sep 17, 2007

Great Book.

This book is definitely worth reading in fact, I couldn't put it down once I started reading. Readers who enjoy the espionage genre should not miss this book.
In the book, Hendley Associates, is an "off the books" intelligence agency. Created by the former president, "The Campus" keeps itself funded by playing the stock market which allows them to prevent Congress from overseeing them and thereby allowing them to kill targets(suspected terrorists) without legal constraints.
I'm not sure if I'm ready to call THE TEETH OF THE TIGER Clancy's best book, but I would most assuredly at this point call it my favorite. And though this piece may not be Clancy's best work, it is much more devoid of some of the highly technical descriptions of military hardware that makes people who don't understand military lingo want to skip a couple pages (like in Sum of All Fears). The novel moves along smoothly and gets to the finish progressively. Highly recommended, whether you're a Clancy fan or not.

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