Callings: Finding and Following an Authentic Life (Abridged)


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Whether a call is to do something or to be something, whether it is to change a vocation or relationship, meeting the psychological, spiritual, and practical challenges of answering a call takes courage and creativity. To help listeners embark on new paths, "Callings" tells the often-dramatic stories of real people who succeeded in radically changing their lives and following their callings through internal conflict and external opposition. Listeners learn how to recognize and decipher the many guises of calls in dreams, ...

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Feb 19, 2010


I picked this book up because of being at a crossroads in my life and having trouble making a decision. This book is amazingly helpful and so wonderfully written. The author has truly walked in the path he is writing about. Very helpful. Wonderful to read. Beautiful to read, by that I mean, written in an evocative and lovely manner.

Highly recommend this book if you are at all torn by any kind of life decision.

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