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One of the longest, and most influential of Shakespeare's works, "Hamlet" tells of the tragedy of Prince Hamlet's journey to avenge his father, who was zealously murdered by his uncle Claudius, eyeing to marry Hamlet's mother, the Queen of Denmark, to secure his place in Danish monarchy. Throughout the play, Hamlet begins to question his sanity. Was it really the spirit of his late father instructing him to avenge his death, or was it a demon deceiving him into committing senseless murder? Written in Early Modern English, ...

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Apr 4, 2008

Hamlet has the brains of an omlet...Shakespeare sneaks in some good puns, but the story is rather lackluster compared to his other works.


Oct 12, 2007


I'll admit this is a long play, but it is actually quicker to read than a person might think. This is a great tale of revenge though quite dark in tone. There are pretty good lines in this classic. This is a play one should read instead of the cliffnotes. This is an action packed family drama with an extremely high body count.

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