The Thorn Birds (25th Anniversary edition)


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A novel which follows three generations of the Cleary family, from a poor New Zealand farm to London society and the Vatican.

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Jan 23, 2012


Great story but very disappointed with the copy I received as it clearly displayed that the book would come with the cover and it didn't.


Jul 2, 2009

A classic!

This book deserves to be archived as one of the best works in the century! Any reader should have a copy as a collection. The saga itself may be true itself...


Jul 5, 2007

Thumbs Up, Hats Off

Truly a remarkable novel. Its the basic Priest's path to God. Does he give up the love of a woman for the love of divinity and is there really a difference? In the end he chooses the woman, thus falling from the pedestal he placed himself on, and in being humbled,
is closer to God

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