The Vaccine Book: Making the Right Decision for Your Child


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With the spate of publicity surrounding the possible health risks posed by childhood immunization, parents are no longer simply following doctor's orders and automatically having their children vaccinated. Instead, they are asking questions. The problem is the search for answers only leads parents to conflicting, one-sided information: doctors claim that parents are endangering their child's life if they refuse shots, while radical vaccine opponents claim parents are endangering their child's life if they accept shots. With ...

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Leticia K

Apr 21, 2011

great book

I recommend this book to every parent!
Dr Sears offeres a non biased view of vaccinations. The book is well organized and written. It is a must!


Mar 25, 2010

A Must Read!

Every expectant parent should read this book! I love it's unbiased view point, just providing facts, and it's broken down by vaccine and into paragraphs making it very easy to find exactly what you're looking for without the need to read the book from cover to cover. I'm sure we'll be referring to this book for years to come!


Dec 11, 2008

Very Balanced Vaccine Information

As someone who is not completely against vaccination, but just wanted to learn more on the subject before making decisions on the vaccine timing, this book was exactly what I was looking for. Many of the vaccine books that I had previously read tended toward anti-vaccine, rather than taking a fair and balanced approach to reviewing vaccinations. The Vaccine Book went into great detail about each vaccine, how it is made, if it contains a live virus or not, why it is necessary, and what the disease is that it vaccinates againt, without taking any sort of a slant one way or the other. The delayed vaccine schedule in the back of the book is a great alternative for parents who don't want to completely eliminate vaccinating, but just want to take a little more precaution with increased vaccine spacing and delay of some of the more active viruses. I would highly recommend this book to any parent who want's more information on vaccinations.


Oct 10, 2008

good information

This book offered a reasonably balanced approach to vaccinations. He describes each vaccine, which disease it is meant to prevent, the risks of those diseases and the potential problems of the vaccine. He offers an alternative vaccination schedule as well.
I felt this book was very good for helping a parent decide which vaccinations were not necessary for their child as well how to go about vaccinating while minimizing risks of reactions to the vaccine.
There were a few things I disagreed with, so I would recommend doing some additional reading to further educate yourself, but this book is an excellent starting place.
I did feel that the Dr. was not very supportive of people who choose not to vaccinate.

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