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Canadian filmmaker David Cronenberg, who has long been fascinated by the ways new technology shapes and manipulates the human beings who believe they are its masters, is in familiar territory with eXistenZ, a futuristic thriller which combines elements of science fiction, horror and action-adventure. What is eXistenZ? According to the glossary Cronenberg put together for this film, it is a new organic game system that, when downloaded into humans, accesses their central nervous system, transporting them on a wild ride in ...


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Sep 7, 2015

Real Game Rip

Director David Cronenberg would assemble this surreal sci-fi chiller with Jennifer Jason Leigh playing as a game designer to a hyper real game system that simulates alternate realities. Allied with a PR tech security aid (Jude Law), Leigh's character is wanted for death by "realists" for her manipulative tech which leads both on the run to near assassinations and their tests of the new VR bio-tech that hedges truth. Fans of 'Videodrome' should most definitely pick up this movie, despite some slow transitions, tame effects and slack action the movie will impress on its ending.

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