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This western is permeated with the culture of the early '70s; it features contributions by writers for the Firesign Theatre, a counter-culture comedy troupe of the period, as well as music from groups such as The James Gang, Doug Kershaw, White Lightening and others--a rock/folk/country fusion. With highly stylized sets, music and story, this movie is full of surprises. Don Johnson as Matthew and John Rubinstein as Zachariah are two friends who go on the run. Together and separately they explore life as outlaws, at first ...

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May 8, 2010

A mixed media review

Zachariah - John Rubenstein, Don Johnson, Lady Spencer Patricia Quinn, C J and the Fish, James Gang, The New York Rock Ensemble, Doug Kershaw, Elvin Jones and William Challee

This is one of those products that some love and others dislike. It has some great music, tremendous scenes ot the American Southwest. The dialog is bad. The sets are obviously constructed to save production costs. The costumes are often out of period. The Music is only good when Country Joe and the Fish are playing. It is the only place to hear some of the songs by them and the James Gang now that the soundtrack has failed and ceased production. The horses are well treated (it appears). There are a lot of drug inuendoes. The friends are apparently only together to make the movie, They exhibit no chemistry. There is a mix of the real history and some made up stuff which the impressionable should avoid. Bad movie, but again some like this stuff.

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