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Pineapple Express co-stars Danny McBride and James Franco reunite for director David Gordon Green's fantasy comedy Your Highness, which sends up such beloved '80s gems as Krull and The Sword and the Sorcerer. Thadeous (McBride) has always stood in the shadow of his older brother, Fabious (Franco), a fearless knight who never met a Minotaur he couldn't slay or a warlord he couldn't defeat. Meanwhile, as Fabious embarked on incredible adventures and returned home to lavish celebrations, Thadeous puffed on wizard's weed, and ...

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Rob C

Jul 4, 2013

Your Highness

I caught parts of the movie on late night tv and was surprised to see Natale Portman in a show of this genre. My motivation in buying the movie was to see more of Ms. Portman. The rest of the plot had potential but was spoiled by gratuitous swearing and poor acting (how James Franco ever survived beyond a school play is...well, beyond me.)
The storyline held a certain potential but was never realised for reasons such as the afore mentioned oral filth, hyperbolic treatment of most scenes so they became predictable, (the scene between the villain and the bride when he has kidnapped her,was ruined by crass pedictability and poorly delivered and weak dialogue).
In short, "The Princess Bride" it would never be
The screen writers need to review the three functions of satire, take the positives, (setting, costumes and the odd good actor, revamp and try again.
Natalie, the reasons for you being in such a vid still have me puzzled!
Mouth-breathers, rugby league fans, followers of building and cooking shows on commercial TV and ten-year-old boys willl love it!
To those movie fans out there who appreciate how an skilled actor performs, avoid this dreck!
Rob Cherrie

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