Yoga Journal: Shiva Rea - Free Flow Vinyasa

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Shiva Rea, the creator of Yoga Trance Dance, qualifies one of the leading experts of Vinyasa Flow Yoga; she works into her instruction such disparate elements as Krishnamacharya Lineage, Ayurveda, Tantra, bhakti and somatic movement. Rea headlines the instructional release Yoga Journal: Shiva Rea - Free Flow Vinyasa, a 90 minute session shot at the San Francisco Yoga Journal conference. In it, Rea instructs participants on such subtopics as the inherent healing power of the mandala when coupled with a moving vinyasa ...

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Apr 23, 2009

Yoga Journal: Shiva Rea - Free Flow Vinyasa

The instructor is an older woman with a flexible body. She means well. Several Yogasanas (Yoga postures) are used in this program. She mispronounces the Sanskrit and Malayalam words so badly, they are unintelligible. The class is mostly a 'dance' that she has put together, which is helpful to maintain a supple body. Calling this any kind of Yoga is quite a stretch. Like most Yoga classes/videos of the West, this is a practice ignoring the spirit of Yoga. The wardrobe on her and the participants is totally inappropriate and indecent. Young people who are unaware of the principles of Yoga are probably the targeted buyers. This is another one of those California Yoga videos.

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