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Screenwriter Bruce Robinson made his directorial debut with this British comedy. Withnail (Richard E. Grant) is an unsuccessful, pill-popping actor; "I," or Marwood (Paul McGann), is Withnail's roommate and another equally underemployed actor. The time is 1969: Withnail is fast becoming a burned-out relic of the '60s, while Marwood is trying to reassimilate into society. The two take a trip to the country in hopes of rejuvenating themselves, but things go from worse to even worse. Given the intimacy and insight of the ...


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Apr 26, 2009

I'm a trained actor reduced to the status of a bum

This film is absolutely hilarious. The most quotable of the century!

Richard E. Grant and Paul McGann are two out of work actors in 1960's London. They have fallen into drink and drugs to distract themselves. They live is squallour in a flat where "the whole sink's gone rotten" and "there's something growing in there".

Alothough the film takes quite a realistic view, it expands it inot the realms of surrealism. It is not a gritty comentary on the world of acting in the 60's. It instead, a brilliantly comic carriacature of the lives of *some* unfortunate, out of work actors of that time.

Withnail (Grant) and I (McGann) head out to the country to recouperate. Here they encounter a leaky old cottage, slightly insane bar tender and Withnail's uncle Monty(Richard Griffiths)... who hilariously propositions McGanns character in the middle of the night.

Back in London, Danny the Dealer and Presuming Ed round off the journey for the characters.

An absolutely hilarious film which I have watched probably over 50 times. And I still love it. The sound track is brilliant too!

I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who likes a laugh, and is not easliy offended!

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