Why Evolution Is True


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For all the discussion in the media about creationism and 'Intelligent Design', virtually nothing has been said about the evidence in question - the evidence for evolution by natural selection. Yet, as this succinct and important book shows, that evidence is vast, varied, and magnificent, and drawn from many disparate fields of science. The very latest research is uncovering a stream of evidence revealing evolution in action - from the actual observation of a species splitting into two, to new fossil discoveries, to the ...

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Greg Z

Oct 28, 2013

Excellant book!!

I recommend this book to anyone who needs to fill in the gaps in their own minds about their doubts about evolution. Jerry Coyne does an outstanding job systematically going through the evidence and data revealing why evolution is true. It is an honest appraisal of evolution addressing even the intelligent design crowd without the "in your face" approach. For any honest person who really wants to confront the issue (believers and non-believers alike) in an erudite fashion, this book is a must read. One is left wondering why these facts are not being revealed in the national discourse. Suffice it to say, if anyone you know is left in doubt about the fact of evolution, this book will arm you to the teeth with facts. Read it, it is good.


Jul 1, 2010

Great book

A great summary of most of the arguments supporting evolution and the arguments against ID. Enough meat and detail that it's certainly not a superficial treatment of the subject but not so much that it's only for biologist. Everyone should read it.


Oct 24, 2009

Why evoluton is true

This book was used as a text book for one of my college classes but I still find the book to be an interesting read.

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