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A little-seen film, suppressed by Paramount studio executives and never released theatrically in the U.S., this drama is a powerful saga about racism. Julie Sawyer (Kristy McNichol) hits a handsome white dog with her car one night and then nurses it back to health. One day, the theretofore mild-mannered dog saves her life by viciously attacking and killing a rapist who breaks into her home. Lucy discovers that the dog has been trained to attack black skin. She consults an animal trainer, Carruthers (Burl Ives), who urges ...

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Dec 17, 2009

A hidden once forbidden classic.

I was fortunate to see this film at an AFI presentation many years ago and it was withdrawn because of protests. It is perhaps the most honest exploration of Race ever made. The plot is simple - a Black animal trainer seeks to deprogram a dog which has been conditioned to attack people of color. To paraphrase him - "If the dog can't be made to change, what hope is there for us?"

A grade B film with Grade A moments and impact, I urge you to see it.

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