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Jay Farrar has always been a man of the people, at least in terms of his lyrical perspective. Farrar was only 24 when Uncle Tupelo released their first album, but he was already writing about the plight of the working man, the dead ends of life for the average Joe, and the lost souls who turn to liquor or religion to fill up the empty spaces of their lives. The less glamorous underside of American life has remained a dominant theme in his songwriting, which suits the plaintive flow of his vocals and his dour melodies, and ...

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  1. While Rome Burns
  2. The 99
  3. Devil May Care
  4. Broadsides
  5. Reality Winner
  6. Union
  7. The Reason
  8. Lady Liberty
  9. Holding Your Own
  10. Truth to Power Blues
  11. Rebel Girl
  12. Slow Burn
  13. The Symbol
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