This Gun for Hire ()

directed by Frank Tuttle
featuring Veronica Lake, Robert Preston, Laird Cregar, Alan Ladd, Tully Marshall

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Though billed fourth in This Gun For Hire, Alan Ladd was catapulted to stardom in the role of Phillip Raven, a ruthless professional killer with a long-suppressed streak of decency. After successfully pulling off his latest murder, Raven reports to his boss, effeminate fifth columnist Willard Gates (Laird Cregar). He collects his $1000 fee, only to discover later that Gates has double-crossed him with marked bills. This was done at the behest of Gates' boss, crooked business executive Alvin Bewster (Tully Marshall), who ...

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Mar 7, 2010

The Magical Veronica Lake!

TITLE: This Gun For Hire
GENRE: Espionage B&W
CAST: Veronica Lake, Alan Ladd, Laird Cregar and Robert Preston
PLOT: As part of a plan to get secrets to sell to the Japanese, a hit man is contracted to carry out the exchange of formula and killing of the traitor. Then the plotters set up the hit man by paying him in counterfeit money and alerting the police to his activities. All sorts of who done it subplots are exhibited. The amazing Miss Lake does two ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE song/dance/magic scenes the likes of which Hollywood has yet to surpass. The chauffeur is of course a thug and the rest of the plotters are of such questionable moral fiber that their plot unravels based on their own hatred of each other.
RETURN ON INVESTMENT: 8 of 10 (goes from 7 to 8 because of the magic of Veronica Lake). The beginning credits (remember those? and trailers trailing!) list "And Introducing Alan Ladd) which to me means this was his springboard to fame.

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