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Based on the Clare Booth Luce play of the same name, this MGM comedy is famous for its all-female cast and deft direction by George Cukor. The plot centers on a group of gossipy high-society women who spend their days at the beauty salon and haunting fashion shows. The sweet, happily wedded Mary Haines (Norma Shearer) finds her marriage in trouble when shopgirl Crystal Allen (Joan Crawford) gets her hooks into Mary's man. Naturally, this situation becomes the hot talk amongst Mary's catty friends, especially the ...


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Jan 22, 2010

Jungle Red!

What a wonderful movie. Sure it's dated, but Rosalind Russell steals every sceen she's in, Joan Crawford redefines scheming bitch and Paulette Goddard is a joy to watch. Norma Shearer was the queen of melodrama so she comes across as so over the top she's campy but the rest of the cast really pulls it together.


Aug 14, 2009

original best

Great movie. So much better than the lame remake. A classic.
George Cukor and what a cast!


Jan 1, 2009


The movie was just as good as the NEW VERSION. The copy I received came in time for
Thanksgiving. We all sat and had a good time.
I think there is more humor in the old one. The new one is more a social statement.

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