The Strongest Man in the World ()

directed by Vincent McEveety
featuring Kurt Russell, Joe Flynn, Eve Arden, Cesar Romero, Phil Silvers

Show Synopsis

Kurt Russell returns as Dexter Riley, the dedicated student of Medfield College who just can't stay out of trouble, in this follow-up to The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes and Now You See Him, Now You Don't. In this story, Dexter is trying to devise a formula for a chemistry project that will increase human strength . By accident, he discovers that, when he mixes his concoction with another student's recipe for vitamin-fortified cereal, it gives people super-human strength, but only for a few minutes. Ignoring these drawbacks, ...

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Brian M

May 26, 2011

classic early disney

Classic Disney youth movie. Clearcut good guy, bad guy with a bumbling/loveable stooge, who is played well in this Kurt Russell series by Joe Flynn. The formula presented in earlier Russell/Disney films is also used here. The college students doing what students do stumble across a formula while in science lab. Unknown to them is that their college is financially strapped and somehow they will scheme together to save the day. These movies do have legs. My teenage daughters love them which is saying something. Good clean entertainment!

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