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In The Strange Love of Martha Ivers, relationships formed in childhood lead to murder and obsessive love. The wealthy Martha Ivers (Barbara Stanwyck) is the prime mover of the small Pennsylvania town of Iverston. Martha lives in a huge mansion with her DA husband, Walter O'Neil (Kirk Douglas), an alcoholic weakling. No one knows just why Martha and Walter tolerate one another....but Sam Masterson (Van Heflin), an Iverstown boy who returns to town, may just have a clue. At least that's what Martha thinks when Sam asks Walter ...


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Elizabeth H

Jun 20, 2011


Gave 4 stars based on the friend's opinion who I bought it for. Haven't seen the movie, but I think the fact that Kirk Douglas made his movie debut in this, would make it a good collectable. Rest of the cast is great and according to my friend, it's a great movie.

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