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Director Cyrus Nowrasteh teams with screenwriter Betsy Giffen Nowrasteh to illuminate the dangers of religious fundamentalism, gender apartheid, and mob rule with this fictionalized adaptation of Freidoune Sahebjam's best-selling novel centering on a true-life tragedy. The story takes place in 1986, just as Khomeini is coming into power in Iran. Undercover French journalist Freidoune Sahebjam (Jim Caviezel) is traveling though a small southwestern village when his car breaks down. Surrounded by strife but left with little ...


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Aug 26, 2010

Awesome Movie

This movie left me completely speechless. Produced by the same people as The Passion of the Christ (though not including Mel Gibson), it has the same stunning impact. Weeks later, I am still in shock over the madness that caused poor Soraya (and now her children) to suffer what she did. It will make you angry, it will make you cry, but it will not leave you unaffected. And to think that they want to bring these same laws to OUR country. May God forbid!

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