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Adapted from a novel by Theodore V. Olsen, The Stalking Moon opens in the Arizona of the Old West, as the U.S. calvary is in the process of relocating Native Americans to reservations. One of the calvary men is Sam Varner (Gregory Peck), an aging scout who is ready to retire to his New Mexico home after this mission. Varner is called upon to sneak into a small Apache camp in order to disarm the guards before the rest of his troupe rides in to round up the whole tribe. After the round-up, a white woman is discovered among ...

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Oct 17, 2015

Yippy Ki -a!

The Stalking Moon is one of Gregory Peck's lesser movies but still a good western movie! It has a bit of the eerie in it and you have to wait to the end to make sure you watched the whole thing! Strongly recommend!


Jan 29, 2009

Taut Thriller

This unconventional Western is a tight, taut suspense thriller with elements of mystery and even horror. Superbly directed by the late Robert Mulligan (TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD), it has a remarkable sense of place and pace, establishing and defining characters and spatial relationships with an economy and understatement that heightens the film's story-telling power. The racial and sexual subtexts are handled with grace and subtlety.

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