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Bette Midler stars as Rose in this somber drama loosely based on the life of the late Janis Joplin. She plays an ill-fated singer who succumbs to the pressures of performing by indulging in drugs and alcohol. Her sweetheart Dyer (Frederic Forrest) is the former chauffeur who naively tries to save her from self destruction, while her British manager Rudge (Alan Bates) is ultimately blamed for not preventing her inevitable fall. The story mirrors any one of a number of popular singers who have fallen victim to the excess of ...

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Kim E.

Sep 19, 2015

Still One of the Greatest Movies!!!

I saw this movie during its' first run in 1979; and, I've been searching for a copy first on VHS, then DVD, now, I finally have a copy (Blu-ray.) Modern technology is wonderful. This movie has always been hailed as the "unofficial, definitive story of Janis Joplin." You don't have to be a Joplin, or Midler fan, or music lover to enjoy this one. Bette Midler as Rose is electrifying throughout. The other performers are equally outstanding, too. The story line will keep you interested. The message of celebrity stardom, excessive drug use, childhood scars and striving for acceptance are just as relevant today. The resulting downfall has been repeated too many times in real life. The music selected (original and covers) performed by Midler is a concert worthy spectacle. You'll enjoy watching this one repeatedly, taking something away each time. A must for "great movie" collectors.

Linda B

Nov 1, 2013

DVD - The Rose

Updating my video collection from VHS to DVD - very happy to have found this as a DVD!

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