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Francois Girard directed this drama tracing the history of a musical instrument through five countries and three centuries. In 1681, to keep the spirit of his wife alive, an Italian paints the violin with a red varnish made from her blood. It is later found in the Austrian Alps when a prodigy gives a performance in the court of Vienna in 1792. Taken by gypsies, the instrument is acquired by a Dionysian composer. After a journey by boat to China in 1966, it is hidden during the Cultural Revolution. In contemporary Canada, it ...

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Shira N

Jan 10, 2014

"The Red Violin" is a treasure

This film is long, but it's like a page-turner novel that you can't put down.So I predict a lot of people will watch in one sitting. But since it is in episodes, it breaks up well into split sessions.
Whoever wrote this story is a genius of imagination and studies in human nature.There is really something for everyone here!

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