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In this international action thriller, Paul Racine (Christopher Lambert) is an American salesman with a computer firm who is in Japan on business. While spending an evening in a bar, he meets Kirina (Joan Chen), a beautiful but mysterious woman. Paul buys Kirina a drink, one thing leads to another, and he ends up spending the night with her. However, when Paul returns to her room to retrieve a set of keys he left behind, he discovers that Kirina is being murdered by Kinjo (John Lone), the master of a cult of bloodthirsty ...

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Oct 23, 2009

Great movie.

I feel like this movie could almost be a cult classic. When I first say this movie, I randomly purchased it from Media Play when they were still arround. I really like Christopher Lambert as an actor, so I decided to get it. It is a really good action packed movie, and the acting in it is great. It's about a business man who goes on a trip to Japan, and just happenes to get involved with a group of assasin ninja's who kill the woman he just met, and fell for. Now he is out for revenge, and he learns the way of the sword, and goes after the ninjas. I would recomend this movie to anyone who likes action movies.

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