The Hunt for Red October


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The runaway international No.1 bestseller that launched Tom Clancy's spectacular career - became a blockbuster film - and introduced Jack Ryan. Silently, beneath the chill Atlantic waters, Russia's ultra-secret missile submarine, the Red October, is heading west. The Americans want her. The Russians want her back. With all-out war only seconds away, the superpowers race across the ocean on the most desperate mission of a lifetime. The most incredible chase in history is on... The Hunt for Red October... the ...

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Mark H

Jan 3, 2013

Clancy's First

An amazing, suspenseful novel that will keep you riveted to the storyline. When this book was released I recall the US Navy instructing it's personnel not to comment on many of the technical aspects reflected in the story. Clancy claimed all the the items were obtained via "open source research," but some believed he had sources within the Navy. The subsequent motion picture also did justice to this book. Read it and enjoy!!!


Sep 16, 2011

instead . . . get the video

The book tends toward the tedious for a person not trained in the military lingo. Counterintuitively, the book has two "endings" -- the ending you expect, and which was a good climax, and then a second that just was unnecessary, dragging the book on beyond where it was entertaining to read.

Instead of wasting your time on the book, watch the video.

[email protected]

Aug 20, 2010

A world unknown to most mortals ...

This book goes far beyond the movie in depth (pun intended :)) and complexity. The world of submarine officers and crew is something few of us are even aware of. This novel by Clancy is a beautiful, complicated, and well written tapestry of story lines and in depth analysis of the Cold War personalities and doctrines, the armed forces of the US as well as the Soviets. I find it strangely applicable to today's political climate even though it takes place during the era of the Cold War.

My second favorite Clancy book. A must read!


Oct 10, 2007

The Revenge of a Life

This book was the blockbuster that propelled Tom Clancy to prominence as a writer of military drama. This is an easy read. The story is action packed drama with political intrigue. The book is accurate as to what can transpire in the event this or a similar incident may take place and the possible response of the U.S. government and the military. Clancy reveals the intricate working of a submarine and how the chain of command works in both the U.S. and the USSR.
There are two principle players. Their lives parallel one another in many aspects whether it is their life experiences or philosophy. The major difference in that one is U.S. military analysis for the CIA and the other is the leading Russian submarine commander with good political connections.
Clancy lays out the book in true military fashion. It will read like a dossier revealing the drama in chronological order. Clancy will switch from one reference frame to another only to give the reader a look into the events that are happing simultaneously.
The author describes the places, buildings, and protocol accurately. This book will transport you into the realm of the some of the most powerful policy makers. It will reveal their thoughts, and emotions during a time of crisis. The interaction between the various agencies and the territorial turf that exist between the factions are vivid. The question of, ?How much help can the U.S. provide to insure the success of the defection of the Red October and its officers?? is the key. How can they communicate this to the Red October is the difficulty. The plot is elaborate but plausible. There are tense situations between the two nations coming close to an international conflict and the delicate dance performed to prevent an all out war. Both sides are presenting a facade of a rescue to a disaster. The offer of U.S. assistance was decline by the USSR. The author shows how political intrigue can defused a situation when the plot and subplots are in place to assist in the success of the mission.
Those with a military background will appreciate the adherence to plausible action taken by the military. Those who do not will have an eye opening experience as to a possible scenario or scenarios that can happen or has already happened.

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