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A 1960s-era Mississippi debutante sends her community into an uproar by conducting a series of probing interviews with the black servants behind some of her community's most prominent families. Skeeter (Emma Stone) has just graduated from college, and she's eager to launch her career as a writer. In a moment of inspiration, Skeeter decides to focus her attention on the black female servants who work in her community. Her first subject is Aibileen (Viola Davis), the devoted housekeeper who has been employed by Skeeter's best ...

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Wanda T

Nov 29, 2014

The Help

This movie is thought-provoking and also evoked emotions in me all across the board. It reminds me that there is hope for everyone. There is hope to rise above whatever situation is keeping us pinned to the ground. It shows what can happen when people stand up for what they believe and listen to their hearts and do what they know is right to do. It shows how when people work together, they can bring about change in spite of odds that seem impossible. It shows that to some degree, we CAN escape our raising - can rise above social programming - and think for ourselves. It shows that being stubborn and persistent can be a very good thing. It shows that things can work out right when that seems impossible.


Jan 7, 2013

Good Movie

Great story that reminds us unjustly many were treated. Truly breaks my heart.


Jan 26, 2012

The Help review

I loved this movie and would recommend it for everyone!!

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