The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter


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'She has examined the heart of man with an understanding ... that no other writer can hope to surpass' Tennessee Williams Often cited as one of the great novels of twentieth-century American fiction, Carson McCullers' prodigious first novel was published to instant acclaim when she was just twenty-three. Set in a small town in the middle of the deep South, it is the story of John Singer, a lonely deaf-mute, and a disparate group of people who are drawn towards his kind, sympathetic nature. The owner of the cafe where Singer ...

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James O

Mar 6, 2014

The most startling and wondrous novel I have encountered in quite some time. McCullers writes like some child prodigy who is inventing the form as she goes along, tossing off observations of human behavior and environment that would seem extraneous, or simply odd, in any one else's work and here seem as natural and harmonious as the elements of a great (sad) song.


Jun 10, 2010

Southern Gothic

This is a monumental achievement, which should be on any serious reader's list.


Jan 11, 2009

would only recommend to certain people

Definitely character driven. I'm just not a fan of Oprah's choices. SOOO depressing. I'm having a hard time rating this one. I did not particularly care for the story yet the author did a great job of portraying isolation and loneliness. Hence, a wishy washy three star review.


May 26, 2007

Amazing novel

Great intelligent and moving novel. Highly recommended. The presence of music, the social problems within South communities, but above all the loneliness of the lovers, are extremely interesting if seen through McCullers' lens. Provocative novel.


Apr 1, 2007

Epic story.

Great book. Very easy to read and hard to put down. Highly recommended.

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