The Fall of the Roman Empire ()

directed by Anthony Mann
featuring Alec Guinness, Sophia Loren, Stephen Boyd, James Mason, Christopher Plummer

Show Synopsis

Though Fall of the Roman Empire is now infamous as the epic which destroyed the cinematic "empire" of producer Samuel Bronston, the film is actually an above-average historical drama, attempting to make sense of the political intrigues which resulted in the dissolution of the Glory That Was Rome. The film begins with wise, diplomatic emperor Marcus Aurelius (Alec Guinness) calling together the various representatives of the many nations within the Empire as a means of securing peace and prosperity for all involved. When ...


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Sep 1, 2011

A Roman Saga Masterpiece

This Precursor of Gladiator is a magnificient spectacle even without any computer-generated special effects ! The Musical orchestral music adds lustre and ambiance - no wonder it was copied by other epic movies ! It's many scenes of romance are not vulgar as today's movies. And we can discern every word of the actors - a far cry from today's Hollywood actors who MUMBLE. Sophia Loren and Stephen Boyd are sublime.

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