The Call of the Wild


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Kidnapped from his California home in 1897 and sold to prospectors embarked for the Yukon Gold Rush, Buck, a pampered house dog who has known comfort all of his life, finds himself thrust into a brutal world of cruel human masters, savage fellow sled-dogs, and an unforgiving wilderness full of hardship and misery. In the wild, Buck earns the love of a man as rugged as he is, and he reacquaints himself with his true animal nature, a noble heritage passed down through tens of thousands of years of his kind's survival. First ...

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Dec 21, 2014

A Tale of Transformation

Written in 1903 The Call of the Wild is an exciting book set during the Klondike Gold Rush of 1897. Buck (a dog who is half St. Bernard and half Scotch Shepherd) is the main character. He is kidnapped from his comfortable home in the warm and sunny Santa Clara valley and sold to be a working dog in the cold and wild Northland in the Yukon. He works with other dogs on the mail delivery route between Skagway and Dawson. The book is told in the third person but also told from the perspective of Buck. Jack London does an excellent of job of portraying the slow but sure transformation of a domestic animal and getting into the mind of a dog. I also like how London raises the question regarding Buck's transformation: Is Buck developing or retrogressing? I did like this book a great deal but the violence committed against dogs did make me wince at times; these scenes may not sit well with animal lovers. Still, The Call of the Wild is a classic adventure book for all ages.


Nov 22, 2009


Good book, some parts i didnt lke to read because they were sad, fights and deaths. But i loved the main point of the book. Its about a domestic dog that loses its home and has to run trails in the artic, although he lost his comfortable home, he finds literally the "call of the wild' from his ancestors. Makes me wish i could do it.


Sep 20, 2008

Great Book!!!

I have read this book many times, and each time it is as enthralling, exilerating, and heartbreaking as the first. I highly reccomend it.


Oct 19, 2007


This book deals with the beauty and brutality of nature. Buck's gradual abandonment of his domestic nature is enthralling and heart breaking. Its a realistic harsh look at survival. The main character is a dog, but Buck manages to be likeable and relateable. I had to read this book alot for school and always enjoyed it each time. This is a great book to read again and again.

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