The Big Red One: The Reconstruction ()

directed by Samuel Fuller
featuring Lee Marvin, Mark Hamill, Robert Carradine, Bobby Di Cicco, Stéphane Audran

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Iconoclastic film director Samuel Fuller spent decades nurturing his dream project, a movie about his experiences in the Army's First Infantry Division during World War II, but it wasn't until 1979 that he was able to finally bring the picture before the cameras. Unfortunately, Fuller was forced by his producers to work with a scaled-down budget, and he did not have final cut on the film; after his first rough cut ran nearly four-and-a-half hours, the studio took over editing on the project, and Fuller was vocally unhappy ...


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Apr 26, 2008


This was the BEST war movie I have ever seen. Even though its twenty years old its better than Saving Private Ryan.Fuller makes this movie an instant classic that anybody interested in world war two should watch. Fuller describes his combat from Algiers in Africa to the Concentration camps of Germany all the way through the end.

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