The Andromeda Strain ()

directed by Mikael Salomon
featuring Benjamin Bratt, Eric McCormack, Christa Miller, Daniel Dae Kim, Viola Davis

Show Synopsis

Adapted from the best-selling novel by author Michael Crichton, director Mikael Salomon's made for television mini-series follows a group of specialized scientists as they race to cure a fast-spreading plague. A U.S. military satellite has crashed near a small Utah town, unleashing a deadly pathogen. Everyone who's come into contact with the virus has died, except for two survivors. Could something in the blood of these two survivors prove the key to immunizing the rest of mankind and preventing a devastating outbreak? Now, ...


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Jul 29, 2017

Spoiled by political theme

This is NOT the original movie; this is a more recent TV version. The original was excellent. This one was good for the first disk, but on the second they spoiled it by making it a heavy-handed political caution about resource exploitation and not going along with the rest of the world on such issues. Other than that there were some obvious but minor plot departures from reality. These latter weaknesses were acceptable, but the political overtones that became increasingly strident in the second disk were not. In the second disk this movie stopped being entertaining, the reason for which I had bought it, and became annoying. I gave it two stars rather than one only because the production didn't scrimp, and it would have been a good-to-very-good flic had they not trashed it with their politics.

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