The American Friend ()

directed by Wim Wenders
featuring Dennis Hopper, Bruno Ganz, Lisa Kreuzer, Gérard Blain, Nicholas Ray

Show Synopsis

Wim Wenders' mines Dennis Hopper's real-life experience as a painter and collector in this existential take on the American gangster film based on a Patricia Highsmith novel featuring the notoriously sociopathic Tom Ripley. Hopper stars as the eponymous American, currently a middleman selling the work of American painter Derwatt (Nicholas Ray), who has feigned his own death to increase the value of his paintings. While auctioning this work in Berlin, he meets art restorer Jonathan Zimmerman (Bruno Ganz), who he learns is ...


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Sep 15, 2009

with friends like that....

Wim Wenders captures the atmosphere of the times magnificently. Without too much explanation it becomes clear how everybody manipulates everybody. And things do not always go as you plan them to go. Working with amateurs always is risky. They do not behave like professionals, but that is the beauty. It is a moody film, like the classic French film noir cinema. No Hollywood car chases, but believable action and mistakes and emotions. I saw it many years ago, but it was always on my dvd wish list. Now that I watched it again, it did not disappoint!

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