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Monologist Eric Bogosian's one-man theater piece Talk Radio, co-written by Bogosian and Tad Savinar, is searingly brought to the screen by Oliver Stone. Bogosian plays provocateur radio talk-show host Barry Champlain, whose constant espousal of his inflammatory views and ceaseless hectoring of his callers and listeners reaps equal parts love and hate. As his program rolls on, Champlain is revealed to be just as screwed up as any of his fans, if not more. And then he pushes one caller just a bit too far. In co-adapting the ...


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Steven Z

Jun 2, 2020

Good Deal

It was a good deal, the product was as expected and the delivery as quick as possible.


May 3, 2012


Notably Bogosian's portrayal of a complex, frustrated wordmonger who can't catch a break from his unappreciative, often moronic audience, based on a true story. The solo rant near the end is one of the greatest scenes in movie history (imho).

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