Sweet November ()

directed by Pat O'Connor
featuring Keanu Reeves, Charlize Theron, Jason Isaacs, Greg Germann, Liam Aiken

Show Synopsis

This romantic melodrama reunites The Devil's Advocate (1997) co-stars Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron, and is directed by Irish filmmaker Pat O'Connor (Circle of Friends). Sara Deever (Theron) is a beautiful young woman who begins a new romantic relationship with a man each month, then helps him to evolve into a better and kinder human being before she moves on to the next partner. Although she's remained friendly with some of her former lovers, she's never broken her one-month rule. November's candidate is a particularly ...

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Nov 9, 2010

Guy and Chick Flick

A true examination of love: well scripted, played, set and filmed. Sorry guys no car chases. There is much a couple can use this film for to break the ice on some dreary topics, but ones lovers should have at some point in a relationship. If you're alone to watch it, beware. This I guess is the modern version of "Love Story" and I made it through to (weep) write this: it is worthy of being seen by as many as can. Charlize Theron exhibits so much life on the screen in this film. Why there is no Oscar for "Best Presentation of Life" category is a wonder.
The DVD has some interviews of the making of.

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