Stars and Stripes Forever ()

directed by Henry Koster
featuring Clifton Webb, Debra Paget, Robert Wagner, Ruth Hussey, Finlay Currie

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Stars and Stripes Forever is the highly fanciful filmed biography of "march king" John Philip Sousa. Clifton Webb does a fine job as Sousa, while Ruth Hussey is equally good in the less-demanding role of Sousa's wife. The problem faced by screenwriter Lamar Trotti (who adapted the film from Sousa's autobiography Marching Along) was that, outside of Sousa's early travails in organizing his own band after leaving the Marine Corps, there just wasn't much drama in the great composer's life. Thus, a secondary (and wholly ...


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May 14, 2009

Sousa's no loser

This romanticized version of Mr. Sousa's
stellar career is just good fuzzy fun. A
serious biography/history has been recently
published by a scholar from Illinois--this
movie, on the other hand, is filled with music
and some clue of life in the USA 1890-1920.

A true musical pioneer, Sousa is aptly
portrayed by Clifton Webb--anyone over 50
will recognize plenty of future TV stars as
well as a couple of movie superstars. But
you'll need to go to to confirm
ID's--the acting credits are very sparse.

Excellent quality picture AND sound--worth
your money and your time.

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