Sons of the Pioneers ()

directed by Joseph Kane
featuring Roy Rogers, George "Gabby" Hayes, Maris Wrixon, Forrest Taylor

Show Synopsis

Sons of the Pioneers is a showcase for?the Sons of the Pioneers, who are reteamed with ex-"Son" Roy Rogers in this budget western. The plot is contingent upon a deposit of rare minerals, vital to the American war effort. The villains want to get their hands on these minerals, and to do so organize themselves into a gang of masked terrorists, bent on chasing everyone else out of the territory. Unable to handle the villains alone, sheriff Gabby Whittaker (Gabby Hayes) sends for Roy Rogers, whose father was a legendary guns ...

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Robert M

Jul 15, 2014

sons of the pioneers

I have a numbthis is a excellent movie if of course you like w esterns er of roy rogers movies regards robert

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