Signs of the gods?


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What was the Ark of the Covenant and where is it now? Did an alien race from beyond the stars create the first men? Were the megaliths of Malta and Brittany's menhirs built by extraterrestrial giants? Was there a nuclear catastrophe in ancient times? While answering these questions Erich von Daniken develops his theories that astronauts visited Earth during prehistory. He sets out the Biblical evidence for a race of giants, the strange similarity in geometrical plans of ancient monuments from around the world, and do the ...

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Sandra C

Aug 22, 2013

Clear and Easy

As always, Erich von Daniken writes in a clear and logically humourous manner, making thoughtful analysis of evidence which is almost literally staring us in the face! One of the very best books he has written, and one of the very best ever written on this subject. Life changing and enjoyable.

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