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Clive Owen stars in this gritty, over the top action thriller as Mr. Smith, a gun-toting badass with a hair trigger and an unknown past. He's far from a doctor and farther from a parent, but when he unwittingly discovers an innocent woman delivering a baby right in the middle of a gunfight, Smith enters the fray to save her and though the woman expires, he is the one left in care of the orphaned child. He thinks that the killers were after the woman, but soon he realizes that they had a far more unlikely target: the baby. ...


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Dec 30, 2009


I love this film. I bought like a ton of them and sent them to literally everyone on my Christmas list.

Shoot Em Up follows Clive Owen's Smith, the best shoot you've ever seen, as he tries to unwrap some kind of horrible scheme involving the US government and pregnant women. He goes head to head with Paul Giamatti's evil businessman.

Full disclosure. This film is absolutely ridiculous. Leave your qualms about silly things like "the laws of physics" at the door. There are lactating prostitutes, men getting killed with carrots, and a MUST SEE scene in Smith's apartment involving an oil slick.

The writing is smart and funny, and the action sequences are both firmly tongue-in-cheek and absolutely stand-alone fantastic. If you're into thrill rides reminiscent of old Looney Tune cartoons, this is your movie.

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