Shiva Rea: Radiant Heart Yoga ()

directed by James Wvinner
featuring Shiva Rea

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Yoga expert Shiva Rea hosts the at-home instructional release Shiva Rea: Radiant Heart. This psychologically and spiritually-oriented approach to yoga teaches each participant to tap into - and increase - his or her own capacity for love and healing, via three key techniques: The Energizing Heart Movement Meditation, The Prayer Wheel and Hridaya Namaskar (or the Heart Salutation). Nathan Southern, Rovi

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Mar 26, 2009

radiant, strong, and stretchy

Shiva Rea's lovely release, "Radiant Heart Yoga," is a seemingly easy practice that stealthily works deep into the muscles. Although I did not feel overly challenged as I performed this flow, the next day I could really feel it in my upper body. The program begins with a prayer wheel sequence, which I had never done before, but found to be very calming. Then the bulk of the practice is a heart salutation series that opens not only the heart center but the legs as well, with deep stretches and bends for most areas of the body.
The last three minutes, which in my opinion are the most fun, involve a moving, energetically flowing meditation that I found extremely effective in releasing tension and blocks in the body.
I will probably add this to my collection, especially as it is one of Shiva Rea's shorter releases (35 min), which makes it much easier to fit into a busy morning.

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