Richard Scarry's Cars and Trucks and Things That Go


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On their way to the beach for a picnic, the Pig family encounters almost every kind of transportation vehicle imaginable--and imaginary.

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Oct 28, 2010

Every child needs this book

I bought this for one of my younger children in 1975, before his 2nd birthday. He loved it, and quickly learned where to find The Goldbug on every double page. There is a continuing story about the Pig Family, a continuing story about the dangerous driver Dingo Dog, the joy of finding The Goldbug, and all the funny, clever vehicles Richard Scarry creates. Such a winner! I've since bought numerous copies for friends and relatives, and recently bought a new copy for my son's daughters, as his is pretty shaky after 35 years of love.

Stephanie B

Sep 9, 2010

Absolutely Wonderful Book!

I have a very active 3 y.o. and these books are really the only ones to hold her attention for very long. They are so busy and relate to so much of the things she sees daily. These are wonderful travel books. We drive an hour to town and an hour home and these will hold her attention throughout the ride. LOVE these books and more importantly, She loves these books!
This is her first one of Richard Scarry's and the one that caused us to buy the others. This book is large in size, the full version (unlike some of the Little Golden Books) and perfect for a 3 y.o.


Aug 7, 2008

We love ALL of the Richard Scarry books, but this is our FAVORITE!! They boys love the comical and cute forms of transportation. It's HOURS of fun looking at the wonderful detailed illustrations.


Jul 13, 2007

Excellent book for a range of ages

I had this book as a child and loved it for pages packed full of colorful and dense illustrations, the running story lines, Flossy the Meter Maid and the pig family vacation. Most of all, I loved finding the the tiny little gold bug that hides on every single page. I've purchased this book for all of my friends' children and they've all adored it. It appeals to a range of ages!

[email protected]

Jun 21, 2007

Fabulous for boys!

This was my son's favorite book when he was little. We'd read it every day and I could never skip a page. There's so much going on to discuss that he was never bored and always asked questions about the characters. It also helps expand their horizons about the world, the people in it and the jobs they do. I've bought many copies for friends' children's birthdays. IMHO, this is a must have book for kids!

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