Resistance ()

directed by Todd Komarnicki
featuring Bill Paxton, Julia Ormond, Sandrine Bonnaire

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Author Anita Shreve's wartime romance comes to life on the big screen in this tale of passion and danger set against the backdrop of World War II and starring Bill Paxton and Julia Ormond, and Sandrine Bonnaire. American pilot Ted Brice (Paxton) has been gunned down over Nazi-ruled Belguim. Miraculously, Ted survives his violent crash to the earth and is quickly rescued by members of the resistance. Things soon become complicated, however, while during the course of his convalescence Ted begins to form a close romantic bond ...

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Aug 2, 2012


Sorry Bill Paxton, you were just not up to the role. It seemed like Mr. Paxton had his mind elsewhere and not on his lines. Julia Ormond did her role well. Too bad we didn't see more of Sandrine Bonnaire.

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