Red Nightmare ()

directed by George Waggner
featuring Jack Kelly, Jeanne Cooper, Jack Webb, Robert Conrad, Andrew Duggan

Show Synopsis

Jack Webb serves and host and narrator of this justifiably infamous propaganda short, produced under the auspices of Warner Brothers head Jack Warner on behalf of the United States Department of Defense. Jerry Donovan (Jack Kelly) is a typical working class guy who cares about his family but isn't much on his responsibilities as a citizen - he keeps coming up with flimsy excuses to get out of attending PTA meetings, Civil Defense committee seminars, and Army Reserve conferences. While his wife Helen (Jeanne Cooper) gently ...

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Jun 4, 2009

The Commies Are Coming

This pseudo-documentary is an "over the top" movie that conveys the fear during much of the Cold War that the Soviet Union could eventually take over the United States. It actually portrays the Soviet Union at its worst--during the Stalinist purges of the mid-1930s, not the 1950s or later. It also reinforces the values and freedoms that we enjoy in the United States.

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